Psychological Tests

Psychological Tests

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These tests are held to asses the natural abilities and his personality.
These tests gives the best explanation and image of candidate's personality.

These tests include following types of tests.

  • Word Association Tests
  • Sentence Completion Tests
  • Thematic Appreciation Tests

1.Word Association Test (WAT)  

This test is very simple test.In this test candidate has to make meaningful sentence on a given word which is visible on the screen for 10 sec only.

It has been observed that different persons react differently to the same word.So, this test is best source to judge the natural personality of a candidate.

Important Points to remember

  • Candidates are advised to write their first response to a word.
  • Try to attempt words as much as possible.
  • Answer sheet has serial numbers.So write only sentence against its serial. 
  • If the situation is so that you don't know the word then don't waste time.Pick up the next one and leave the serial blank. 
  • In order to save time write short,meaningful and simple sentences.
  • It is necessary to write a sentence which show a response to the word.
  • Always write positive and constructive sentences.
  • Don't write bookish,memorized and borrowed sentences as they never give the natural assessment of your personality .
  • Make sentence like that they show your true traits of your personality.
  • Never use sentences that highlight the anti-social,sectarianism or pessimistic approach.
  • Be patient don't get nervous.
  • Make daily hand writing practice before doing such tests.  

    2.Sentence Completion Tests

    It is another type of test to asses candidate's personality.This also shows the real instincts of candidates personality.

    In this test, an in-complete sentence is given which has to be completed according to one's thinking.

    For example,
    We love Pakistan __________________

    Now when someone complete this sentence,It will show his way of thinking.

    This test is much similer to W.A.T.
    So follow above instructions.

    3.Thematic Appreciation Test

    This type of test is very significant in order to determine the candidate's imagination power and way of thinking.
    This test is also known as picture story writing.
    In this type of test usually a picture at screen is shown for a short interval (10 sec).
    Then the candidates is asked to write a sensible story in 2-3 minutes.
    As the time is very short it needs to be practiced.

    How to write a good story?

    Now the question is that how to write a good story,a positive story.
    So your problem is just going to be solved now.

    Follow these instructions

    • First of all listen to the invigilator carefully and follow instructions .
    • When the picture is shown at the screen,your all five senses as well as common sense should be active at that time.
    • First take a deep look at the picture which is shown.
    • Observe the main character, scene and background carefully.
    • Then make a plan for story what you observed in picture
    • As you have very short time,you have to be quick to make an idea about story.
    • Try to write story which describes the scene and situations in given picture.
    • Don't write filmy stories,love stories.
    Take a look on following picture.

    Its very simple picture and a good story can be made easily.

    "Arman is a hard-working boy.He is very intellectual.Today was his grand test.He performed his best.Now,he's back at his home.He had a little headache as he was tired.Then he heared voice of "moazin" calling for prayer.He went to mosque to say asar prayer.When he came back he was feeling fresh ."

    So,this story reflect just simple situation and also the benefit of prayer as well.

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