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Intelligence of ISSB and Sample Papers 2016

Intelligence tests are very important to join Armed Forces.They have their own vital role in selection of the candidates.They express the basic I.Q of a candidate. They bring out the mental power of the candidate.

The purpose of conducting ISSB intelligence tests is to select those candidates who posses a healthy body as well as mental faculties. In the service of an officer, 
he faces complicated conditions. As in such situations not only his live but lives of numerous soldiers under his command are under risk. If the officer has sharp intellect then he can withstand in such situations. 
Intelligence tests of ISSB has very important role for the selection of candidates for Pak Armed Forces of Pakistan.
So, here we are providing complete information about all types of intelligence tests which are carried out at the ISSB centres. 

Types of ISSB Intelligence Tests

The intelligence tests carried out at ISSB has several types of test. However the most common types of ISSB intelligence are explained as below. 

There are mostly two types of intelligence tests for Initial Selection

  • Verbal Intelligence 
  • Non-Verbal Intelligence Tests 
  • Mechanical Aptitude Test 
However the third type "Mechanical Aptitude Test" is included in Intelligence test of ISSB.

Above types of ISSB intelligence test are explained as following.

First we explain Verbal Intelligence Test in ISSB

Verbal  Intelligence Tests include simple intelligence questions in verbal form. There are many types of verbal intelligence tests. But here are some important types which are used in I.S.S.B tests and other selection tests for the PAK armed Forces.

First kind of verbal intelligence is Series Completion Test.

In this type of test, generally a series is given in which a figure, a digit, a letter or a word is missing either at the end or somewhere in between .Candidates are to put the right one from given choices.
For example, look at this question.

             Q: 1, 3,5,7,11,13, ?

                     (a) 15      (b) 17        (c) 14

If we observe, the right answer is (b). As it is clear from the above series that all are prime numbers and after 13, 17 is the next prime number.
Series completion is very easy and can be solved easily. But, it needs practice.

Second kind of ISSB intelligence test is "Analogy Tests". 

In this type of test, there exists a relationship between two objects or ideas. The missing object or idea can be provided by establishing same kind of relationship between third and fourth object.
For example, Bird is to fly as man is to __________
          (a) Swim          (b) sleep          (c) walk
As it can be seen by establishing relationship between objects that birds fly to go from one place to other so man walks to go from one place to other so option (c) is correct.

Third kind of verbal intelligence test of ISSB is "Same Class Test". 

In this test a group of same words is given in which one or more words are odd means they are not similar to those other words. So, candidate has to choose odd words from the list.
For example,

Select the odd one from list.  Doctor,   Medicine,  Hospital,   Player
So it is clear from above list that "Player" is different from other all objects in the list.

Fourth kind of ISSB Verbal intelligence is "Jumbled Spelling Test".

In this type of test, some alphabetical letters are arranged randomly and candidate is required to make a sensible word.  For Example, “terwa” jumbled and if we think it is the jumbled form of word “water”.

5th kind of verbal intelligence test of ISSB is "Coding and Decoding Test"

In this type of test some code value is assigned to an alphabet. Candidate is required to decode this value.

For example, if “AHQC” is to “BIRD” as “EKX” is to _______
So, if we observe we’ll see that
                    A→ B , H → I , Q → R , C → D 

It means every letter of encoded word makes letters of the word which is next to it.
                E→F , K → L , X → Y
Answer is “FLY”.
6th kind of verbal intelligence test of ISSB is "Best Reasoning Test". In this test, suitable choices are given about a given statements and candidate has to choose the best choice for the statement. For Example,

People smoke because

(a) They want to show off
(b) They get pleasure from it
(c) They need it

As apparently all choices seem to be correct but choice (b) is best.

How to prepare for Intelligence Tests

To prepare for intelligence tests of ISSB Remember these key points. 

  • Practice is very helpful. To do best in intelligence tests, practice is very important. Candidates should familiars themselves with different kinds of tests.
  • Listen to provided instructions carefully. 
  • Time of intelligence tests is very short. So time management skill is very important. Try to attempt easy questions first. 
  • Try to complete the series tests first as they are usually easy to attempt. 
  • Try to attempt easy questions first and skip the questions with confusing statements. 
  • Skip the questions with long and confusing statement to s. As these are always time consuming. 
  • In I.S.S.B tests, candidate is given an answer sheet on which answers are to be written. Don’t place the answer of a question in wrong serial. 
  • I.S.S.B Intelligence Tests are not difficult but it need planning and time management skills.

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