ISSB GTO Tasks Tips and Complete Guide with Task Videos

ISSB GTO Tasks Tips and Complete Guide with Task Videos

The candidates are divided into groups at least 6 and max. 9. The main aim of these tests is to examine the abilities of coordination and team working. In this test self confidence as well as the behavior of the candidate is examined by G.T.O.


1.Group Discussion 

In this test self confidence as well as the behavior of the candidate is examined by G.T.O. The group discussion or group discussion task has assumed great importance.

 In the Group Testing Officer Task or G.T.O Task, the candidate creates the first impression on the Group Testing Officer (G.T.O) and other members of his group.

The good performance of the candidate in the task of group discussion creates a good impression on the Group Testing Officer, and enrich his role in subsequent group tasks. As first impression is the last impression, hence the candidate must try his best to show his worth in group discussion.During group discussion all candidates are arranged to sit in a circle.

In the beginning every candidate introduces himself, like which city he belongs to, his educational qualifications, hobbies etc. Thereafter, the group discussions exercise begins. In this task, usually, two subjects are read out to the candidates and they are required to choose one of them for the sake of discussion.
The subject which is agreed upon by the majority of the candidates is accepted by the Group Testing Officer for discussion.

Helpful Tips for Group Discussions

  • Carefully listen to the briefing of the Group Testing Officer.
  • Take interest in the discussion and remain very active during the discussion.
  • Try to understand the topic first and make your effort to take lead in determining the choice of the subject.
  • Talk with confidence to the whole group looking in the eye of each candidate, and you must not keep looking at the Group Testing officer.
  • Don’t be rigid in your ideas, must accept criticism with open mind.
  • Co-operate with others in friendly manner.
  • Remember its not the command of English language checked during this discussion, do not hesitate even if you are making grammatical mistakes.
  • Try to take initiative role but if you don't know about then listen to others and try to make your opinion.
  • Also look for the chest no. whose waiting for his turn.So,you have to speak up and ask the group to let him speak on the topic.
  • Never try to make arguments with other candidates.
  • Stay calm , make your own opinion and accept criticism on your opinion as well.

3.Group Planning 


In this test a problem is on a model is explained by G.T.O and candidates have to solve the problem with in a time limit. Candidates can discuss with each other.

Helpful Tips

  • First thing to do is to listen to GTO carefully.All senses should be active while listening.
  • Try to understand the problem first.
  • Be confirm about parameters about the MAP i.e distance,time and directions.
  • Make a plan first and then tell your group so that they can help you to calculate time and others suggestions and errors.
  • Never think for yourself.Always think the benefit of all group.

3.Full Group Task

In this test the group of candidates has given a task in a specified area and one of them is appointed as commander and they have to pass through an area having hurdles and outbound areas, All candidates are appointed as commander one by one according to their chest numbers.

4.Half Group Tasks

In this task the group is divided into two sub groups and this time no one is commander and candidates have to pass through a specified area having hurdles and outbound places

5.Final Group Task

In this task no one is commander and group is combined again and the job is same as above

6.Individual Obstacles

In this test a candidate have to pass through 9 obstacles within a limited time

7.A light Interview by G.T.O

When a candidate is appointed as commander G.T.O. takes a light interview of the candidate including question about his activities, education, intelligence and family back ground some times this interview is same as the interview takes by the Voice President.

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Noman sahb thanks for your feedback. You must mention the questions you want answers

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On behalf of nouman, lets say gto asks" how was your previous interview? i.e. psychologist or gto" then the point i want to know is whether our gto meets our first interviewer to check our progress or not? please tell, do they meet to relate the perfomance of each group member!

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Umair Abbas thanks for visiting our ISSB GTO tasks section.
Umair all performance of the candidates is discussed by the board on each day. So GTO will have all info about your tests and interviews already

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Do you have any models of the tasks ie progressive,command and final so that we could get any idea or prepare for such tasks.Help us out if u could please.Thankyou

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