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Top 5 ways to Get Rid of Knee Knocking

How to treat Knee Knocking Before You appear for your initial  Medical

Knee Knocking is one of the top most defective diasease due to which many candidates are rejected in initial medical tests for armed forces of Pakistan. Knee Knocking is worst disorder for those candidates who want to join armed forces.  

But how could you know about knee knocking?

What is knee knocking?
What are the symptoms of knee knocking?
What is the treatment of knee knocking?

How to treat knee knocking?

These are some common questions which perhaps come to our mind. And we try to find the answers as well. So,  I'll try to explain each and everything about the knee knocking and its treatment as well.

 What is knee Knocking? 

"Knee Knocking", (Genu valgum) is a type of  bony deformity in which the knees, touch each other while standing, and the ankles are apart. Often, young children of average weight while in standing position may have legs turned inward. This kind of posture is found in toddlers, which can help them to balance their weight when they begin to walk, stand and run in the earliest years of age.

As the child grows in age up to  7 or 8 years, the position is corrected by itself and child balances its weight with normal posture. At this age, child balances his weight by pacing his feet together on the ground in proper position and knees are not turned inward anymore. But if the knee knocking still occurs after this age, it may need medical treatment.

What can be the Causes of Knee Knocking?

Some of the common causes  of Knee Knock are :

  • Deformities of bones due to malnutrition like  osteomalacia, rickets or scurvy. These can affect the formation and deposition of bones and cause knocking of knees.
  • Osteomyelitis which is a bone infection can causes deformity of knees.
  • In rare cases, it is genetically transferred to the young ones from parents.
  • In adults, it may result due to some kind of injury.
  • Obesity is also one of the reason of Knee Knocking.

What are Common symptoms of Knee Knocking?

Knock Knees are normal in young ones and shows no specific symptoms in early age. But if it continues in later age, it may cause difficulty in walking and results in discomfort in legs and knee joint with pain. Abnormal walking posture can be commonly observed in a person having knee knocking. It also cause difficulty in movement of joints.

What Should be the treatment of Knee Knocking?

Knee Knocking is considered as a disorder in later age and it needs proper treatment. Usually, observations about standing positions, walking posture and angle of knees are measured.
There are very rear treatments for knee knocking but I'm suggesting you important exercises to treat Knee Knocking.

  •  Sit on a chair with feet touching the floor. Straighten one leg by raising it, hold and then release.
  • Lie on the back. Raise one leg at a time with knees straight, hold and bring it down.
  • Stand and bend one leg from behind and try to touch the feet to the hips.
  • Perform the same exercise when lying down on stomach.
  • Horse Riding is also proved as general treatment for Knee Knocking.
  • While Sleeping, adjust and tie a pillow or football between your knees and make sure to tie your legs straight as well. Try to Keep your legs straight while sleeping.
  • Do cycling and try to adjust your knees straight.
I hope this article will help you to correct knee knocking, If you have further information or suggestion please don't forget  to comment below..  

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