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UHS MCAT and ECAT Test Tips and Tricks

UHS and ECAT Entry Test Tips and TICKS TO Remember

Every year University of health and sciences and University of Engineering and technology hold an entrance tests in order to give opportunities to the students who are looking forward to secure admissions in Engineering and medical colleges.

This tests is held all over the Punjab province in various districts.
In order to secure admission in engineering and medical universities of Pakistan, it is necessary to pass the entrance test with better aggregate. The merit and scholarship criteria varies for different universities.

Here we are providing some useful tips for you which can be helpful during MCAT and ECAT. 

First thing to remember is your time management skill.

Time is most important which assists a student during the Entry Test. Either the time during MCAT or ECAT is 90 minutes or 100 minutes, You have time to shape your future within this limited time. In ECAT you have one minute of time for every MCQ, this is enough time to make your decision for a MCQ.

Every Year we hear that a lot of number of students could not perform in the entry test due to Time Management despite of good preparations. That is the worst failure of student. Many stuent waste their time while solving a single MCQ.
Foe exampleyou have 1 minute for each MCQ. If you get stuck and keep trying on one difficult MCQ for 3 minutes its means you have wasted your 2 extra minutes of 2 easy MCQs.

Tips to remember:

You need maximum practice of solving MCQs to get better results for time management. Every Student must have to carry his/her own watch to manage time properly.

How to handle Pressure while taking MCAT or ECAT test:

Most of the students specially Female Students take pressure before appearing test. It happen because of over thinking for the random situations like 
How would  be the test ?
Am I going to pass today or not? 
The test would be easy or not? 
What will happen if didn’t pass the test today?
and many more things which keep on bothering our mind.
These questions create pressure over the students' mind and weakens their decision making power during the test.
Tips to Remember:

Before half an hour keep yourself relax and leave the books. When You enter in Exam Hall Keep reciting holy verses of "Darood_e_Paak". Put your all pressures aside and just Do your best and leave the results to ALLAH.

Stay Calm, Have a good sleep a day before the Test.
A very Common mistake while Attempting questions is Improper Filling of Bubbles:

There are lot of students who do not get reward of their efforts and preparations because of improper filling of bubbles on the answer sheet. As we all know that all the sheets are marked by the computerized machines. If a bubble is not filled correctly then it will appear blank to the machine and the software will not award you the marks despite of your correct answer.
And if you miss one question and keep filling the answers in wrong serial number you will lose your marks.

Tip to remember:
Fill the bubbles properly and  take care of the serial and question number which are assigned to a question paper.Always fill the right bubble according to sequence. Every time when you are filling a bubble check your sequence, Question Number, the Bubble’s Number and Option at the Answer Sheet. This will only take 2 seconds to verify each MCQ when you are filling the bubbles.

Always Verify the MCQ Number and Bubble Number before filling any bubble on the answer sheet, this will take only 2 second of yours.

Let me tell you the real story of my friend, He used to be a good and hardworking student. His preparations for the Entry Test were excellent and he was very confident for the Entry Test. During Test he marked his first 3 MCQs correct, and left 4th one with the intention to fill it later. But this turned out to be the biggest mistake of him, as he marked the answer of 5th MCQ at the place of 4th. This disturbed his whole sequence and he keeps on filling bubbles with this new sequence. He said he came to know for his mistake when he was solving his 90th MCQ. This single Mistake of cost one Year of his life.

If you have further more suggestions or queries just comment below.

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