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Life of A Cadet at PMA Kakul

The First Day of A Cadet In Pakistan Military Academy Kakul

After receiving the PMA kakul admission/joining letters at homes, the new cadets report on the given day. Those boys who do not receive joining letter search on the internet like list of PMA cadets etc. Also, you will not find such list on Pakistan military academy official website. 

My advise is not to search on the internet because Pakistan army will send you the joining letter to your home if you are selected.
Every new cadet enters the PMA Kakul gate with the dreams of becoming General in the future. But very soon, their dreams come to end when they are welcomed by the senior cadets in the academy. 

The journey of first 6 months start with the cadets punishments in the academy. This is why Pakistan military academy training is famous for. The luggage and suitcases, which the new cadets were carrying with them, become the big burden for them. During the first face to face meeting with the seniors, the new cadets try to make them friends but they don't know soon these seniors are going to slay them. The seniors are famous for shouting and ragging in the academy.

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PMA Kakul Ragging in A Cadet Life at Pakistan Military Academy

One of my friends was welcomed by the seniors, they said to him to carry his huge suitcase on the head and run 1 km with this condition. You can better guess his condition after running 1 km. You also have seen such punishment in drama Aik the Marium. 

There are also PMA Kakul training videos of cadets on the internet as well. These become the memorial moments for these new cadets which they will really miss for their whole life. Many new cadets are ordered to do front rolls or sing a song at the top of their voice as punishments.

The best Thing is "The Fauji hair cut" in Life of a PMA Cadet

Fauji hair cut is the start of the cadet life. The army cadets are given a proper hair cut in the academy. The new cadets are also given the required uniforms and other accessories which they would be required in their two years of training. Beside punishments, these seniors also guide the new cadets about academy life and rules.
Every cadet gets a weekly haircut in PMA training for the whole 2 years.

PT periods in a Cadets Life At PMA

The PT is a must for the cadets of PMA Kakul as it helps them in warming up for the upcoming entire day activities. The day starts with PT in the academy. The Ist term cadets have to complete 1 mile in 6 minutes and 30 seconds. After a mile, they undergo different exercises which involve chin ups, push ups, sit-ups, rope climbing and horse jumping.
PT is performed under the experienced physical training staff of Kakul academy.

Academic studies at Pakistan Military Academy

Most people think that in PMA Kaul academy there is only physical training. But actually, this is not true. A cadet also learns different academic subjects during these 2 years. Computer Science, Mathematics, Political Science and History are the major subjects.  At the end of each semester, there held examinations. These examinations help in a getting Bachelors degree for a cadet which is awarded to cadets before the passing out parade day.

Military Training of Cadets At PMA Kakul

The military training is imparted in the cadets by the indoor tutorials and in the form of the following different outdoor exercises.

Basic drill of Pakistan Military Academy 

The purpose of the drill is to create discipline among the cadets. In the first 6 months, there is just a basic drill for the cadets. The drill is commonly called as Parade. You all have done the parade in your school life. And you all have also seen the passing out parades on TV. 

Pakistan Military Academy Saluting test

The salute is one of the reasons for many boys and girls to join Pak army. Yes, this is the salute which you get from your juniors in the army and this thing makes you proud that you are one of the leaders of the best army in the world.

There is a PMA drill staff that tells you how to do a salute. The adjutants are the drill officers (usually major) which are responsible for the discipline training of the cadets in the academy.
The adjutants check the all the discipline performance of the cadet including this saluting test. You all have seen adjutant on the horse in the passing out parades.

Navigation and Patrolling Exercises in PMA

The patrolling and navigation are the basic military tactics. For becoming a good officer, a cadet must have a good command on these. For patrolling activity, the cadets are divided into different small groups. In this exercise, the cadets learn how to make a combat patrol. Full war atmosphere is provided along with tanks in this exercise.

In navigation exercise, the cadets learn map reading tactics and the use of other navigation tools like a compass which helps them how to move from one place to other.
There is a section commander (major) which is responsible for the military training of the cadets. He briefs these military tactics and exercises.

Small Weapons Training in Pakistan Military Academy 

The cadets learn how to use small arms in the first six months. The experienced weapon training staff for cadets of Pakistan military academy guides them handling of these small arms.

Conclusion About Life of a PMA Cadet 

The first 6 months for a new cadet are easy in terms of study and military training. But these 6 months are also difficult for them because they get daily and severe punishments due to their most junior positions in the training of the academy.
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