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Merits and Demerits in ISSB-How to write merits and Demerits

One of the most discussed and talkative topic of ISSB Tests is Merits and Demerits of ISSB which are usually asked to be written in bio data forms on first day of ISSB. It is the point where psychologist starts to asses your personality. In the form of points mentioned in your merits and demerits ISSB Psychologist can imagine about an image  of your personality in their mind if what kind of person you are. Merits and Demerits in ISSB have 50% role in recommendation of a candidate.

What are ISSB Merits and Demerits?

 How to write merits and demerits in ISSB

Tips to write best merits and demerits in ISSB Tests

So, today we are going to cover each and every things about merits and demerits of ISSB.

What are merits and Demerits in ISSB?

This is an important questions and the answer is also very simple. Merits are the qualities of your personality while demerits are the weakness or bad habits in your personality.
For example, you are very regular in your routine. It's your merit.
You are dull and don't follow the routine work. It's your demerit.

How to Judge your Merits for ISSB? 

Most of the candidates write the merits which they actually don't own in their personality. As we have mentioned above that Merits are the qualities of your personality which will psychologist will judge during your stay in ISSB. If you write fake info about your merits then ISSB Psychologist are Experts in their respective work. 

Let's Get Back to our Question, How to Judge your merits? 

The best idea to judge your own merits and demerits for ISSB is to ask your family members and friends or any person which can judge your  merits and demerits or qualities and bad habits  inside your personality. Usually, Everyone use facebook now a days so you can simply post on your wall in order to ask your friends about your qualities or merits and demerits. These will be the merits and demerits which other people judge in your personality. These merits and demerits will also make ease for psychologist to judge your personality through your merits and demerits.

One more thing, you can also ask your teachers about your merits and demerits. Most experienced teachers make an idea about the psychy of a student. And you must also ask your teachers about your merits and demerits.

Second method to judge your merits and demerits is to visit some expert psychologist in order to analyze your psychy. Psychologists can analyze your personality through some normal tests and can tell easily what merits and demerits that you own and what are your demerits. 

As we know no one is born with perfect merits. Everyone owns some kind of merits and demerits in his personality. 

Tips for writing Merits and Demerits in ISSB

The purpose of this test is to check what the candidate thinks about himself/herself and what is the opinion of the candidate about his/her personality. You will be asked to write your good and bad qualities, also known as Merits (Good Qualities) and Demerits (Bad Qualities).

  • Keep in mind that the Self Appraisal test will be taken on the first day of ISSB Tests which is also called Written Day or Psychologist Day and whatever you write in this test will be checked against your personality during the whole ISSB Test.
  • Try to write at least 5 merits, merits must consist of only 1 word to make a good impression rather than long sentences. 
  • Try NOT to write a lot of demerits, because they are the bad habits found in your personality so they must be kept to minimal, up to 3-4 maximum.
  • Always write those demerits which are related to your personality. Don’t write those demerits which are related to your eating habits or religion. For example, “I take a lot of tea” is not a demerit. Similarly, “I don’t offer my prayers” must also be avoided because it doesn’t make good impression.
  • Demerits must not coincide with your integrity and self-respect. For example, “I am a liar” or “I steal things” or “I usually don’t complete my work/job” are coinciding with your integrity and must not be written.
  • Remember that these merits/demerits will be asked again by the Deputy President in his interview along with the reasons, so be mentally prepared.
  • If there are some demerits which you are ashamed to write in the Test, then make sure you eliminate them from your personality before going for ISSB.
  • Try to keep the intensity of the demerits as low as possible.
  • Never try to copy the merits/demerits of someone else. Keep in mind that they will be tested in the ISSB so only write those which you really have.


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