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How to start Blogging to earn Money

Last Year, a guy told me about his wallpapers site who was working for a long time. He told me about the basics of blogging and I was so curious to make blogging my profession. So I decided to start blogging. I created a new blog with blogger platform and made a post and then rushed to apply it with adsense.

What with one post How can a person even think about google adsense????
How could I suppose to get approval?
So very soon my application was disapproved. 
That's what most of the new Blogger do. They want to get approved with adsense with one, two or five posts. One thing you must keep in mind is that blogging needs continuous hard work.
Perhaps, Then I decided to be a Pro Blogger. I faced many problems and trials because I was just a beginner and knew nothing about blogging, SEO and Social Sharing. The most worst problem was to bring traffic to the blog.
Whenever I faced some kinda issue I just typed that in Google and I found relevant answers. So I started to learn more day by day. Definitely, No one can learn blogging in a single day. It took one year and I was working constantly to be able to be approved with adsense which is the dream of every blogger .

And Now By the grace of Allah ALMIGHTY I have got approved my blog with adsense even with free .tk doamin. And it's also getting handsome traffic and almost 80% traffic is social.
Soo Let's start.

What is Blogging??
How You can Create A Blog?
How can you setup a blog and start earning money?

These are several questions more which come to the mind of beginner. Definitely the beginner tries to find these answers and that is the first step to learn about blogging.

What is Blogging?

Simply, Blogging is way to sum up your thoughts and ideas in a form of articles on web pages. People start learning by reading your articles and get interested in your post what you share with them.
The articles can be posted on various topics and niches. Usually we see blogs related to health, electronics, business blogs, educational blogs and many more.
We often visits these blogs in order to get information but the bloggers publish blogs for both purposes i.e to engage visitors and earn money by blogging

How You can Create a blog?

Creating a blog is very simple. You need to have following things before you start blogging.
  • Active Internet Connection with Desktop Computer or Laptop. You can also upload articles via mobile but it is strongly recommended to use laptop or PC.
  • You must have a Google Account and a Blogging Platform.

A Short Review About Blogging Platforms
1. WordPress
WordPress is one of the best website builder with pro user friendly interface. It has gained popularity due to its Yoast SEO plugin and is very popular worldwide. But it's free version has limited features. We have to purchase it's hosting in order to gain access to it's all features. There are a lot of web hosting services which offer handsome hosting for WordPress.
But WordPress itself recommends
If you have some initial budget then I'll suggest you to start blogging with WordPress as the search engine optimization is very easy with Yoast Plug in.

2. Blogger 
Blogger is also one of the greatest blogging platform. It is popular due to its free features. Unlike WordPress it's totally free and you don't have to buy web hosting for it. If you want to start blogging for free then give a try to blogger.
There are also many other services which offer web hosting in standard prices.
If you have initial investment then start with WordPress.
If you want to start for free just start with Blogger platform.

There are also many other blogging platforms to start blogging.

Second Step is to upload articles and unique content to your Blog. 

Blogging is all about your skills about creative writing. You must write unique content in order to keep your blog in higher tiers. If you don't provide unique content to your readers; No one will like to return to your blog. But if you provide quality content to your readers they will definitely love to come back to your blog and find relevant help.    

Third Step is to get off from Your Blog and Find traffic for Your Blog

After writing articles, you must find the traffic ways. Visit other blogs and in comments share links of your blog posts. It will also provide you quality backlinks.
You must create Facebook Fan Page and keep Sharing your all articles and posts to the Facebook Fan Page.
Very Soon I will write an article which help will you to derive traffic to your blog.   

Thanks For Reading and Keep in touch for more articles. I will make you learn each and everything about blogging.


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