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Why Candidates are NOT Recommended in ISSB- Reasons of Not Recommendation

Reasons of Not Recommendation in ISSB

Thousands of candidates appear for ISSB Tests in all the centers each year. Many candidates among them are fresh and some are appearing for second time. All of them are tested and pass through some stages of tests and then get their result. Some of the candidates are Recommended for the Selection while others are declare as Not Recommended due to some shortcomings. 

The reason for failure is not stated in the Result Letter so a lot of candidates get confused. Many of candidates thinks they have done everything fine but didn't get Recommended even in two chances. Many of candidates asking himself, why I didn't Recommended in ISSB? or Why I'm Not Recommended? As we early stated that reason is not shown so it is very difficult to come at any possible reason. However we are trying to present some possible reasons behind the failure or Not Recommendation. All the candidates who are Not Recommended in first chance must read this and avoid all or any thing they had done wrong. The Fresh candidates should also read this and decide well and start preparing in the right direction.

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Here are following are some reasons for Not Recommendation in ISSB;

Don't have Enough General KNOWLEDGE:

The military services need enough knowledge. You must have enough knowledge about the geography of the Pakistan and other Important countries, about history, Islam, heroes, culture, science, math and nature. You must have enough knowledge of the World. You must be familiar with the current major problems and issues which Pakistan and other countries are facing. You must have knowledge about current affairs. It's must that you have a proper vision about different issues and current problem from the economy to defense and from international relation to development and you can talk fluently on it.
What you think about a candidate who don't know about the capitals, currency or even the presidents of important countries. What you think about those with no knowledge about current issues like terrorism, financial problems and International Relations about different nations and states. And about those having nil knowledge about the history of Islam even that of Indo-Pak. Do you think candidates whose 7 answers of 10 are comprising as 'Sorry Sir' or 'Don't Know Sir' or 'I forgot'. It's worthy to be noted that the term 'I Forgot' doesn't carry any meaning.
To avoid this you must have a strong grip over the history, current affairs, major issues and current situation throughout the world. We suggest that you have enough knowledge about the different states and nations, important pacts and agreements. You also should have knowledge about the boundaries and military issues between different nations. We suggest you to keep yourself in tough with Wikipedia and other informative websites and online forums. We also recommend to read the newspaper on daily basis.

Candidates is not properly prepared for ISSB Tests:

Many of the candidates tested in ISSB are declared Not Recommended because they have no proper and right preparation as how to talk and walk properly, how to sit properly in front of Deputy President and Psychologist, how to stand and how to sit. Some candidates speaks in extremely loud while other speaks extremely low. Some candidates feel shy while talking in the group activities and stay silent and inactive. Many candidates move their hands and evenly head and body while talking, some get emotional and many feels lower-class while doing group tasks, all these will lead you towards the failure.
Also a lot of candidates laugh loudly in any funny situation while many have 12 o'clock at their forehead every time.
If you can say even two sentences in front of an officer, how you will spend your time in the training academy. If you feel shied or ashamed or feel fear, how you will deal with the trainers in your academy. If you are laughing at friends and group members, everyone will angry on you and it will be very difficult to live happily in the academy. Also if you are every time in tense, probably no one will like to make you friend. All these are bad characters, try to avoid this.
Avoid this situation and live and act as a normal human. Some time show seriousness and some time smile. Stay strong and talk boldly. It is better to meet any military officer prior your ISSB, get talks with him, ask questions and express your feelings on different issues, this will make yourself free from the fear of elders and officers. Get rid of any tension. 


This is one of the worst drawback of a man character. If a candidates thinks that I will become an officer and will show to my village or mohalla what I'm really, or to show your authority or power to your opponents and those whom you dislike.
It should be clear that forces is not for giving you personal benefits and will never allow you to use your uniform authority for your personal matters. You will never let you to misuse your power.
If you are willing to join forces for the Show-of-Power, it is right time now to leave the dream of becoming officer. The psychs knows everything of your character and mindset.
Have you read or listen the stories of high life standard of military officers? May be you are joining forces to live a high standard of live, get high salaries and packages and allowances, live in fancies houses, mess life and many more. Do you believe in richness of forces officers? Have you seen the officers children studying in high standards schools and institutions? If yes and due to this reason your willing to join forces. If you think all the things above are sure then you probably have seen the one side of the image.
In military life, you have to face tough situation also. You also have to spend time in the battlefield, you may have to face heavy firing, emergency situations, operations and to defend the attacks also. During different field activities, you may face hunger, thirst and fears. You may have to live alone far from family.
If you are not ready for tough side of the military life and only wish to live happy side, then you are not fit for military. Try your luck in other fields of life.
Some candidates also keep the military career at wish-list as they see the honor and respect the military servicemen have achieved. Due to this reason they also want to get such honor and respect and then they apply for the Commission Course.
It is right the servicemen gets respect and honor at each department as well as in the society. But this honor is not received just sitting under the roof. There is a lot of sweat probably blood also. After more tough days-and-nights of the life they get such honor.

Some candidates have psychological shortcoming in his character. If you are rude or get angry soon and on little things, you have to avoid these shortcomings. Also if girls are your weakness then you are not eligible. Same is the thing with hotness and other related drawbacks etc.
Do you fear from height, water or depth etc? If yes then you have to get rid from these things. During the ISSB Tests, you are to be tested in every aspect. Individual Obstacles shows your fears if you have of anything. Some candidates leave the Monkey Bridge, its reflect your fear of Height. If you avoid Ditch Crossing, it reflects your fear of depth. Similarly the hanging bridge, and other obstacles.

Military life needs physical fitness along with the mental fitness. You must be physically so strong to face any difficulty. During the Group Task, you may have take drums and other heavy materials with you alone. You may have to stand with one foot and keep yourself balance. You may have to walk with one foot during the Final Group Task. Similarly, candidates may have cross some sections of task with the help of swing and some with the help of a narrow plank. Candidates may have to face jumping and like other obstacles.
What do you think of a candidate who can't properly cross even the Zig-Zag in Obstacles. Many candidates haven't experience of crossing Tarzan Swing and like other obstacles and they fears of it. Many candidates can't stay balance with one foot even for few seconds. Some of them walk through plank much slowly and some of them fell down also. It is clear that you can't achieve success without physical fitness.
Military is the combination of peoples from different walks of fields. It is comprised of the believers from different faiths and religions. All the servicemen lives happily in a unit or squadron despite they have different maternal languages and different family classes.
The officials also expect harmony and respect towards different castes and religions. If you have hate in your heart for any kind of people even for your enemy then you haven't any place in Pakistan Armed Forces.

This doesn't reflects the official statement about the candidates failure and change is possible.

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