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ISSB Picture Story Writing Tips with Solved Stories

This test usually asses the ability of a candidate toward reality of things. Picture story writing is a projective method adopted by the ISSB for measuring the real aspects of candidate’s personality.

     It is indirect approach to determine the real aspects of candidate personality. In this way, candidate gives an effort for appreciation of his own abilities in sub conscious manner. In wider sense, story writing on picture tells the views of the candidate about external affairs taking place in this world. However, after these test, psychologists of issb get an image about the personality of the candidates.

Picture story writing test is carried out in psychological test at ISSB.

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     In picture story writing test or thematic appreciation test, a series of black and white pictures is shown on the screen one by one. One picture is shown on the screen for only 30 seconds and then picture is diapered. Candidates have to write a story on the picture in limited time of 30 seconds. And that’s why this test is named as “Picture Story Writing Test”.

     So the question is

               “How to write a good story”

     First of all candidates must observe the pictures carefully. He must observe each aspects of the picture one by one. As the time is very short on writing a story on picture so observation should be very sharp. He must see if what’s going on in picture either there is some seen or some activity taking place in the picture.

     Candidate should see if how many characters are there in a story as the story will be written on them. In this way, one can determine the background of the picture and a good moral story on the given picture can be made. It can be seen that in the picture, there will be one main character. So, to make the story real just give the name to the main character of the story.

     As the timing for picture story writing is very short so, it’s better to write the story to the point and avoid unnecessary points. It will be better for the candidate to resolve the story into three components.

Past: Write 3-4 lines in past sentence to tell if what was going on in the past.

Present: Write the present aspect of the picture if what’s the scene now in the picture in 3-4 lines.

Future: Write the future aspect and the conclusion of the story in 3 lines.

     In this way a good story can be written on the given picture nicely.

Points to remember during picture story writing

  • The theme of the story should avoid negative, dramatic, defeatist and pessimistic aspects. 
  • Story should highlight happiness, confidence and positive aspects of the society. 
  • Story should be kept as simple as possible. 
  • Never give names to characters in the story as Mr. X or Mrs. X etc. Give a suitable name to the characters which should be common among the society. 
  • Story should be kept as simple as possible. It should be short but brief and to the point. 
  • Don’t highlight the deep aspects of the story. Just write what you see. 
  • Don’t make “Ishq, Piar, Muhabbat” as the main theme of the story. 
  • It is advised to make a good practice on the picture story writing before appearing befoe ISSB.


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