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ISSB WAT Word Association Tests for ISSB

ISSB Word Association Tests: W.A.T

     In ISSB Psychologist test, one of the most important test is word association test. This test gives true image of candidate personality. So, in this test, psychologist determines the nature and personality of candidate.

    In word association tests, words are shown on the screen and candidates are asked to make a sensible and meaningful sentences. Each word appears on the screen for only 10 seconds and candidate has to write a sentence on blank sheet.
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  with exercise and videos for preparation of ISSB WAT tests.

In this test, candidates makes sensible sentences and their way of thinking and their writing style is the best image of their personality. This technique of WAT test is very unique among psychlogists in order to determine the basic assessments of candidates. It asses the thinking process and mind's activity.
    The words associated to WAT tests are instantaneous which express the immediate response of someone. If the issb candidates write their immediate response to the given word so its ease for issb psychologist to asses true image of candidate personality.

So how to make

  • psitive and meaningful sentences in issb wat
Here are the tips for issb word association tests..

  1. Before attempting the word association test, be calm and don't feel nervous. This issb test really needs the inner piece to highlight positive aspects of your personality.
  2. When the WAT starts your all senses during WAT must be active and respond to the word immediately as possible. More quickly you make sentences, more ease for you to manage the time.
  3. WAT is the asses ment of your personality not for the assessment of your English grammar so don't worry if your sentences are right according to grammar or not.
  4. First response to any thing is always natural. So when a word appears, convert your first impression into sentence and write it on the paper.
  5. Stay positive and try to make positive sentences.
  6. Sentences in WAT should concise bit descriptive. Avoid writing long and meaningless statements.
  7. Try to avoid using no, not and never in your sentences.
  8. You are needed to right an impression which you get from the word. 
  9. Try to write sentences before their serial numbers.

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