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ISSB Individual Obstacles

Individual Obstacles

A complete guide for issb candidates for individual obstacles. Complete notes with videos.   
Every candidate will perform it alone and individually. It depends on the candidate to do any one first or last it means that there is no specific  order for these obstacles.

  • Red Color painted area or things are Out of Bound and you can't touch these things.
  • If you do one obstacle wrong you can do it again and again until you complete it.
  • don’t  try to do anyone more than twice until you complete all obstacles.
  • Once you complete all obstacles you are allowed to all obstacles or one obstacles again and again.
  • When you enter the area you will stand in a circle shape and wait for the whistle
  • The helper blow the whistle and your time starts and you can start Obstacles
  • When he again make whistle your time is over and you have to area.
  • If you are in middle of any obstacles i.e hanging bridge, zig-zag, monkey bridge.
  • If you get all obstacles completed before time then you can do obstacles again. If you perform one obstacles again and again after completing all then you’ll get its mark for each time.
  • For example, you have completed all obstacles before and time and you perform rope climbing 3 times again then you’ll be given 11x3=33 marks.
  • But if you haven’t completed all obstacles and you perform rope climbing 3 times then you’ll be given marks of only one time which is 11.  


Start point:

It is better to perform it in a sequence.
It has the following obstacles:

Red Circle:

It is a circle in which you will stand until the helper blow whistle.
It is also known as starting point because from here you have to start obstacles

1.Monkey Bridge:

It is made of two parallel ropes which are at the height of 13 feet. The area between these two ropes is 4 feet. One side of this has a ladder and the other side has ropes. Candidates will climb at one side with the help of the ladder. There is two ways to complete it.
  • Catch the upper rope and stand on the lower rope and walk on lower rope.
  • Or crawl on the lower rope like monkey crawling.

Thus candidate will go to the other side
At the other side he will come down by the help of rope.
At the rope, there is a blue mark below which you can also jump to the ground but It is dangerous for  you to jump.
If you jump and your hands are upper than the blue mark, the obstacle will not consider to be done.
By doing this you get 9 marks.

 2. Tarzan Swing

This is also an easy obstacle
It is just like a swing. There will be slide of 3 feet height you will climb to this slide by a drum or a small ladder. Then the helper will give you the rope. You will grip the rope and will jump thus you will swing to the other side. At that side you will land on the other slide of same height of 3 feet
then after safe landing you can jump on ground and thus the obstacle is done.
By doing this rightly you will get 5 numbers
  • Note that the ground between these two slides is out of Bound
  • If you fell down from the swing toward the Out of Bound area the obstacle will not consider being completed.

3. Rope climbing

It is the one most difficult obstacle. It is a rope fastens with a pool above. Its height is 9 feet
You will climb up the pole with the help of the rope and then you will go over the pole and will again come down with the rope.
lf you come down with the same side in which you first climb you have not did it correct and will get no marks. lf you do it correct you will  get 11 numbers.
  • Note that the Rope climbing has maximum marks in all obstacles.

 4. Ditch crossing

It is the simple jumping task like as in physical tests. It is a simple ditch which length and width is 7.4 and depth is 4 feet. You have to simply jump over the ditch and obstacle is completed. There is only 1 mark for this.

5. High Jump

It is also a simple jump. In this you have to jump over a slide of 3 feet height. If you touch it the obstacle will not consider to be done it means you have to cross the slide by jumping over it without touching it. You can jump from the any side either from back or from front. There are 4 marks.


This obstacle is made up of the 3 slides in shape of zig-zag. These slides are making an angle and going upward. The first end of this is 2 feet high. You will jump to next one which is 4 feet high from the ground then you have to jump to next which is 6 feet high from ground. Then you have to jump to the ground. These slides are Out of Bound for hands so you can't touch the slide with hands.
By doing it correctly you will get 5 numbers.

7. Boxing Ring

It is a simple Ring court but there will be also a rope in the middle of the ring. All the ropes are 2 feet high from ground which are red bounded which means they are out of bound. So,you can't touch the body with the ropes.
You have to do it with a specific method as first rope is to be cross by jumping over the first, by passing under second and by jumping over the third.
If you touch the rope you have to do cross only that rope not from the starts
It has 3 marks

8. Tire

It is a simple vehicle tire hanging with a rope which is 3 feet high rom the ground.Tire and rope are Inbound so you can touch it
You can do it by two methods:
 Grip the rope with a knot and out your legs in the tire and then whole body, when you touch the ground leave the rope and cross your body inside the tire.
The second method is to cross as by Gymnastic method, so that across the tire without griping the rope
This obstacle has 3 numbers

9. Hanging Bridge

It is also known as Hanging Bridge. This is made up of a plank which is fasten to a pole with ropes.
The rope with which it is fasten is Red painted so it is Out of Bound if you touch it you have to do it again
Try to cross it with one step and as if you put the 2 foot you may you lose your balance and it is possible you fell down.

It has 2 numbers

Here is a short demo.

Hope so,this article on ISSB individual obstacles and its notes with videos will prove to be helpfull for you. 

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