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What is ISSB? Complete ISSB Guide and ISSB Notes

Complete ISSB Guide, ISSB Notes and ISSB Test

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A great no of I.S.S.B Candidates are searching for I.S.S.B Preparation guide to prepare themselves for I.S.S.B. They really want to have a complete guide or forum to get all information and bulk related to I.S.S.B preparation.

ISSB is the series of test which point out the hidden qualities of the candidates. In this ISSB also determines the qualities if they are suitable for armed forces or not. ISSB is the majot testing system for commission in Pakistan Army.

Aims and Objectives of I.S.S.B
Aims and objectives of I.S.S.B are as following

           "Our Mission is to Select potential officers for the defence forces of Pakistan who have the requisite mental, moral, social and dynamic qualities to make successful leaders during peace and war. The above mission sets a very sacred and tough challenge for the organisation which can only be met with true dedication, selfless devotion and unflinching resolve to set and meet the standards. Inter Services Selection Board follows a set of time tested protocols to analyse and predict human personality and along the way has earned a respectable name and fame to its credit."

I.S.S.B Guide

"So what is the selection sytem of of issb? "

" How ISSB asses the qualities of the candidates?"

All information related to issb tests is given as following:

I.S.S.B Tests Schedule Guide

The selection technique followed by the I.S.S.B is 3D. All the candidates are passed through three different phases in order to determine their suitability for PAK Armed Forces. ISSB recommends the candidates who have the qualities of leadership, mutual co-operation, devotion ,selfless qualities and spirit to sacrifice his life.

These issb tests are carried out by three different types of officers; psychologists, group testing officers, deputy president and president of issb.

ISSB asses the qualities and select them for defence forces of Pakistan.

The types of ISSB tests are as follows.

ISSB Intelligence Tests

On the first day of issb, Intelligence tests are held which consists verbal intelligence,non-verbal intelligence and Mechanic Aptitude Tests

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ISSB Psychological Tests
On the first day, ISSB Psychological tests are carried out after intelligence tests. These test determines the visual as well as hidden personality of the candidates. ISSB Psychological Test include Word Association, Sentence Completion and thematic appreciation test.

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ISSB Group Tasks

ISSB Group Tasks are carried out by Group Testing Officer (G.T.O). In these tests of ISSB. Before these test, candidates are divided into group of 9-10 candidates.

GTO determines the abilities of physical fitness, leadership, devotion to work and mutual work within the group.

A precise introduction of such tasks is given below.

Indoor Group Tasks of ISSB:

1.ISSB Group Discussion.

In group discussion, candidates are given a topic and they are asked to make a discussion on it. In this type of test, candidates' performing among group, his familiarity with social issues and his nature is observed.

ISSB Group Planning

In ISSB Group Planning Test, a sand model is shown to the candidates and a critical case or situation related to that model is briefed by the GTO. Group is asked to make a plan on the given case or situation in limited time.

Outdoor Group Tasks.

1.Progressive , Half and Full Group Task:
In these tasks of issb tests, a series of obstacles are arranged in an area step by step and candidate are provided with some equipment to tackle this area. This task needs planning and mutual work.And that's what GTO want to see in candidate.

In the same way, half group and full group tasks are carried out.

Command Tasks:

In this ISSB task, one of the candidate is appointed as the commander and he is given a task which is needed to be tackled with planning of commander. This test really determines the power of leadership of candidates.

Individual Obstacles:

In this test a series of individual obstacles are arranged in circular area and the candidate is asked to tackle these obstacles individually.


ISSB interviews are carried out at 2nd and 3rd day of ISSB. Interviews of ISSB are held to asses the qualities like his familiarity with general knowledge, social issues and common problem and solution. 

Schedule of ISSB
Sechedule of issb is as follows.

Note: This schedule is copied from ISSB Official site

Arrival Day


Checking of Documents

Allotment of ID / Chest numbers


Administration Staff’s address

Completion of Board Questionnaires

1st Day of ISSB

Opening Address by a Deputy President.

Intelligence Tests

Remaining Psychological Tests

2nd Day of ISSB


Indoor Tasks

Group Discussion

Group Planning

Outdoor Tasks

Progressive Group Task (P.G.T)

Half Group Task (HGT)


3rd Day of ISSB

Individual Obstacles.

Command Task

Final Group Task (F.G.T)

Interviews (leftovers)

4th Day of ISSB


Preparation of all the results

Dispersal of candidates

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