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UHS MDCAT Syllabus 2018-What is MDCAT

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UHS MDCAT Syllabus 2018-What is MDCAT

Whatis MDCAT??

Medical and Dental Admission Test (MDCAT) is an entrance exam. University of Health and Sciences (U.O.S) holds MDCAT Exam each year to select potential students for MBBS Course. 

Thousands of students appear in MDCAT Exam each year. Many of them earn their fate by securing great marks in MDCAT. But, unfortunately, many students fail because they don't have enough knowledge about the basic syllabus od MDCAT. 

Students need special intention and proper plan for the preparation of UHS  MDCAT exam.  

The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is a 7 and a half hour long standardized test. It does not only tests your critical thinking skills and understanding of scientific concepts but also tests your mental stamina. 

It is a computer-based test used as a prerequisite for admission into professional health schools in US, Canada, Australia etc.
The test has 4 sections in total.
  • 3 of which test your scientific understanding
  • 1 tests your critical thinking and reasoning.
The 3 science-based sections cover a gamut of subjects:
  • physics,
  • biology,
  • chemistry,
  • sociology, and psychology.
These sections hover around the “bigger picture” around the sciences, and specifically incorporate the idea of applying interdisciplinary knowledge to mimic real-world scenarios. The critical reasoning section is akin to the verbal section of other major competitive exams: you’ll be given a passage and the questions require you to analyze the given information and critically examine the presented arguments.
Here we have a section-wise break-up of MCAT:

SectionsQuestionsDurationDistribution of Questions
Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems5995 minutes
  • 10 passage-based sets of questions
  • 4–6 questions per set
  • 15 independent questions
Optional Break10 minutes
Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills5390 minutes
  • 9 passages
  • 5–7 questions per passage
Optional Break30 minutes
Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems5995 minutes
  • 10 passage-based sets of questions
  • 4–6 questions per set
  • 15 independent questions
Optional Break10 minutes
Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior5995
  • 10 passage-based sets of questions
  • 4–6 questions per set
  • 15 independent questions

MDCAT Syllabus Adding up all the section durations, the total is 6 hours and 15 minutes. However, incorporating breaks and other sundries adds to a total “seated time” of around 7 and a half hours.

The logic of scientific inquiry is a prerequisite for scoring well on all 3 sections related to scientific concepts. It includes (but is not limited to) understanding of scientific concepts and basics of scientific inquiry. The skills to distinguish between the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to scientific theories is a skill that is very advantageous in the medical field of study. The gray area of ethics in science is also a part and parcel of the scientific reasoning. Basic understanding of all the elements of scientific research is expected. Interpretation of data in the form of tables/graphs/charts and deriving conclusions based on that data is the cornerstone of scientific research.

Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems

This section tests you on the knowledge related to operations distinctive of living organisms: growth/reproduction, maintenance of conducive environment, acquisition of materials/energy, response to environmental stimuli, and adaptation. It also incorporates knowledge regarding the individual cell/organ systems and their inter-dependence — various threads of a biological organism in all its complexity.
The following content categories are included in this section:
  • protein structures and amino acids as building blocks
  • genetic transmission of information: gene to protein
  • heredity and the processes that enhance genetic diversity
  • bioenergetics and fuel metabolism
  • cells/molecule assembly in single/multi-cell organisms
  • prokaryotes and viruses: structure, physiology, and genetics
  • cell division
  • nervous and endocrine systems
  • organ systems: functions and structure

Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems

This section tests your understanding related to chemical and mechanical functions of human organs/tissues. It also tests the knowledge related to the chemical and physical principles that govern the human body, and the ability to apply and extend the same reasoning to various living systems.
The following content categories are included in this section:
  • work, energy, forces, equilibrium in living systems
  • the role of fluids in blood circulation and gas exchange
  • electrochemistry
  • interaction of light and sound with matter
  • nuclear decay and chemical behavior of atoms
  • water: nature and solutions
  • molecules and the interaction among them
  • the concept of purification
  • function and structure of biological molecules
  • kinetics and thermodynamic principles

Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior

This section tests your understanding of the effect of psychological, social, and biological factors on perception and reactions to stimuli, self-talk, mental models of the world (including thinking about others), behavioral changes, the role of society and culture on well-being, and the connections among social hierarchy and well-being.
The following content categories are included in this section:
  • environment sensing and understanding
  • response to the world
  • causes of behavioral change
  • effects of social activity on human behavior
  • distinctive behaviors
  • identity & the concept of self
  • the social line of thought and interactions
  • social imbalance
  • understanding of the social fabric
  • demographic systems

Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills

This section is primarily related to testing your understanding of the written text, geared towards the reasoning skills considered vital to a successful medical career. A passage is presented to the candidate (a wide variety of disciplines can be expected – from science to humanities), and the questions based on the passage require critical thinking and analysis to answer. The passages are short (500-600 words) but often dense, abstruse, and intricate. All information required to answer the questions is presented in the passage itself, and no outside knowledge is assumed. The passages often focus on the complex relationships between the presented ideas/theories and require thinking along disparate lines of thought. Some thought is to be given to subtle indicators such as tone and word usage to establish the intent of the author, and ultimately the meaning of the passage.
The passages are derived from reading sources that a college student typically reads – books, journals, and magazines. The style of the passage differs based on the discipline. For instance, science passages tend to be more factual, while humanities passages tend to be more opinionated.
Humanities passages can be derived from a host of disciplines such as:
  • art and architecture
  • literature
  • ethics
  • philosophy
  • pop culture
  • religion
  • cultural studies
Science passages can be derived from a host of disciplines such as:
  • economics/history/geography
  • anthropology
  • linguistics
  • psychology and sociology
  • archaeology
  • political science
The section tests 3 broad skills that are necessary for a candidate to understand complex texts. Foundations of Comprehension is related to the ability to deconstruct the components of the passage, while interpreting the meaning from rhetoric, tone, and structure. Reasoning within the text is related to the ability to assimilate the various components (overt and subtle) to enhance the understanding of the text. Reasoning beyond the text is related to the expansion of ideas from the text to new settings/contexts, and the effect of introducing new conditions and information on the original meaning of the passage.

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Join PAF Jobs 2018 as Education Instructors & Religious Teacher Online Registration

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Join PAF Jobs 2018 for Education Instructors & Religious Teacher Online Registration 

Join PAF Jobs 2018Pakistan air force is offering job opportunities to deserving youngsters who are qualified but jobless on merit basis. Each year a number of PAF Job are announced and qualified personals are enrolled in Pakistan air force. 

In 2018, many students after completing matric, intermediate, bachelors and master degree are looking forward to make their future in Pakistan Air Force.
But the question is that 
       "How to Join PAF Jobs 2018?"

So if you are landing on this page then we'll give you complete information about how to join PAF Jobs 2018.

join paf 2018 jobs
Join PAF 2018

Pakistan Air Force is offering PAF Jobs 2018 as Education Instructors and Religious Teacher Online.

Vacancies/Positions for Education Instructors and Religious Teacher :-
  •  Education Instructor 
  •   English
  •  Physics
  •  Mathematics
  •  Religious Teacher​

Eligibility Criteria for PAF Jobs 2018 as Education Instructors & Religious Teacher:

Education Instructor (English, Physics, Maths, Chemistry, Computer Science, Statistics ) – BA, B.SC 2nd division with minimum 45 % marks, 22 to 28 years (lower and upper age limit at 15 October 2018 ) with height 163 cm are eligible to apply.

Religious Teacher – Male individuals (married/un-married ) who have attained qualification as Matriculation and Darul Uloom “Dars-e Nizami certificates (Hafiz will be preferred ), 22 to 28 years (lower and upper age limit at 15 October 2018) with height 163 cm are eligible to apply.

Documents Required at Air Force Selection Centre:

You must make this documents ready before applying for 
  • CNIC/Form-B.
  • All DMC’s Original.
  • Sanad/Certificates Original.
  • One set of photocopies.   
  • 04 attested passport size photographs.

How To Apply to Join PAF:

Eligible candidates needs to apply online at PAF official website www.joinpaf.gov.pk or Applicants may also apply by visiting nearest PAF information and selection center in major cities of Pakistan.
Rank at PAF:  

Selected Applicants will be given Chief Tech rank during Training and after successful training Assistant warrant officer rank will be given.

Selection Procedure to Join PAF 2018:
  • Registration Online/Offline.
  • Intelligence, Academic and BRS test for education instructor posts at selection centers.
  • For religious teacher BRS and Intelligence test, while Academic test will be conducted along with Psychological tests.
  • Initial medical examination and interviews at selection centres.
  • Psychologist test and then interviews before Air Headquarters selection board.
  • Final selection by Air Headquarters on merit.
  • On merit basis education instructors will be sent to PAF college of education Peshawar.
  • And religious teachers will be sent to Training Wing Kohat.

Last Date to Apply PAF Jobs 2018 as Education Instructors & Religious Teacher : 21 January 2018

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Join Pakistan Army Through 142 PMA Long Course 2018

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Pakistan Army is the one of most leading armed forces of Pakistan. Since last some decades, Pakistan Army has played a vital role in the development and progress of Pakistan. Pakistan army has made its place in heart of each and every single citizen of Pakistan. Now a days, every young passionate citizen of Pakistan want to join Pakistan army. Pakistan Army is also providing a number of job opportunities to deserving persons every year. 

After intermediate exams, many youngsters of Pakistan want to Join Pakistan army as 2nd Lieutenant. And that's why ,Every year Pakistan army announces entry of PMA Long Course through which young boys can have golden opportunities to Join Pakistan Army.

What is the Registration Date for 142 PMA Long Course 

The official registration date to join Pakistan army through 142 PMA Long Course is not yet announced but the it is expected as usually that registration for 142 PMA Long Course will be announced in April, 2018.

Eligibility Criteria for 142 PMA Long Course

Marital Status For 142 PMA Long Course:

                Applicants who are already working in the Armed Forces or unmarried civilian are eligible to apply for 2nd lieutenant in Pakistan Army.

Nationality For PMA Long Course 142 :

                All citizens of Pakistan holding domicile of Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan can apply for the long course. However, citizens with dual nationality have to surrender their foreign nationalities to be finally selected.

Standard Physical Requirement For 142 PMA Long Course

Applicant must have a minimum height of  5′ – 4” and the weight proportionate to the height of the applicant are eligible to apply.

Education Requirement for PMA Long Cours 142   

  • Candidates having FA/Fsc degree or equivalent should have at least 60% marks to apply for the 142 PMA Long Course course.
  • Candidates with 60% marks in BA/BSc/BBA or BPA and 50% marks in FA/FSC are eligible to apply for the long course of PMA 142.
  • Candidates from Balochistan, Azad Kashmir, FATA, Manshera, Umerkot, Chitral, Tharparker and Areas of Interior Sindh with aggregate marks of 55% instead of 60% are allowed to apply in the PMA Long course 142.
  • Already serving soldiers with 50% marks in FA/FSC are eligible to apply for the 142 long course of PMA.
  • Those candidates who have passed the part 1 of their intermediate examination with 60% marks and waiting for the result of Part 2 can submit Hope Certificate duly attested by the head of their respective institutions.
  • All the candidates who have not received their original certificates of Matric/FA/FSC and BA can get a verification certificate from their respective Board/University to submit along with other documents.
  • Candidates who have qualified their A levels with 60% marks don’t need to submit any equivalence certificate.

Ineligibility Conditions For Candidates For 142 Course of PMA

  • A student is considered ineligible if he is rejected by any of the Armed Forces boards.
  • Students are unfit by any Medical Board.
  • Candidates diagnosed with Hepatitis B and C are ineligible.
  •  If a candidate is removed/dismissed from Government Services and Armed Forces is ineligible.
  •  If a candidate withdrew from training by the Armed Forces on any grounds.
  • A candidate convicted through any Court of Law.
Preliminary Selection Process of PMA Long Course 142

All the candidates will have to pass the written and intelligence tests of multiple questions for 142 PMA Long Course. Candidates qualify the written and intelligence test will undergo from physical and medical tests to further qualify for the interviews.

Physical Tests for 142 Long Course of PMA:

The successful candidates in written and intelligence tests must pass the physical tests for the selection of 142 Long Course of PMA course. Physical test will include the following:

      Candidates have to complete 

  • 1.6 Km distance in eight minutes, 
  • complete 15 push-ups, 
  • 15 sit-ups, and
  • 3 chin-ups in two minutes.

I.S.S.B Tests For PMA Long Course 142       

All those candidates who qualify all the tests for PMA Long course 140 will finally be called for ISSB tests of 140 PMA Long Course.

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PMA Long Course Initial Interview Question and Answers

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Complete Details About Initial Interview for PMA  Long Course with Questions and Answers 

What is Initial Interview for PMA Long Course?

After passing the initial selection test, physical and initial medical test for PMA Long Course, an initial interview is hold by the Army Selection and Recruitment Centre in order to determine the suitability of candidate for the PMA Long Course.

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Join Pak Army Through 141 PMA Long Course 2017

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The Pakistan Army
 always looks for the passionate citizens to Join Pakistan Army As 2nd Lieutenant. Pakistan army has announced 141 PMA Long course for selection and recruitment and this is a good chance for every young citizen to join as the second lieutenant. Passionate boys want to serve army and boys wish to sacrifice their life for the country and this is the opportunity for them to fulfill their dreams.

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How to Join PAF 2017 Online Registration for GDP Pilot Course

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For qualified young citizens of Pakistan, we provide here How to Join Pakistan Air Force as Pilot & GD Pilot 2017. It is the dream of many young passionate boys to Join PAF and to become a Pilot & GD Pilot is their dream but the problem which matters alot is this that candidates don't know the exact procedure to join PAF. 

So we are providing proper guideline so read the following instructions carefully about Join PAF 2017 and apply for the post of Pilot and GD Pilot, Commissioned and non-Commissioned Officer and also as Aeronautical Engineering, Civilian and Doctor. 

Pakistan Air Force is one of the best and leading defence force of Pakistan and offers a number of job opportunities for fresh graduate students in several categories. Those who want to Join PAF can apply online by visiting the official website of PAF.  
Now here I am going to discuss the criteria to Join PAF 2017 for Pilot and GD pilot. The field is extremely interesting and most of the students from the beginning of their future have a keen interest in this field. So now I am going to discuss the procedure and overall requirements for joining this field.

Join PAF Criteria For Applying As General Duty Pilot And Pilot: 

To Join PAF as general duty pilots candidates must have professional skills and bravery in order to fly the plane and have relentless determination also. This field requires great skills and amenities. Now I am going to discuss its procedure of selection.

Nationality: Male or female should be Pakistani.

Marital Status: Unmarried/Single.

Age: Age should be 16 to 22 years old.

Height: 163 cm for both male as well as female.

Training: 4 years training at PAF Academy Risalpur leading the award of BS in Aviation Science and Management from Air University Islamabad.

Qualification To Join PAF:

F.SC with 60%marks in aggregate in any one of the following discipline. Pre- engineering, Pre- Medical, Computer Sciences and A LEVEL in physics, math, and English.

Type Of Commission: Permanent Commission.

Selection Procedure to join PAF as GDP:

Intelligence test which is followed by an academic test in certain subjects as Math, Physics, and English.
Preliminary medical examination test which is followed by an interview.
Short listed candidates are selected for ISSB.
Final selection of candidates will be through General Headquarters of PAF.

Ineligibility Criteria:

  • A candidate who is rejected by ISSB or for naval courses is not eligible to apply.
  • Medically unfit candidates are not eligible.
  • Those who have removed from government service are not allowed to apply.
  • Candidates who are screened out by armed/naval and any other institution forces stands ineligible.
  • If a candidate is convicted by law or court as offensive is not able to apply.
  • Candidates who provided or concealed any real information is not eligible to join.

For Online Registration & Guideline to Join PAF: Click Here

So it is the all over information about this filed and one can join this field within a blink of eye because internet online service has made all things easy and all departments publish their adds in newspaper as well as on social media websites in order to aware the people from all the posts that no one misses the golden chance to apply in this or in any other field.

This field is a vast field and offers career opportunities after matric, intermediate and graduation but the candidate must be able to tackle with all issues satisfactory and with full devotion that he/she will not become perplexed in the end because this field requires bravery and ability.

Nowadays professional era is there and modern technologies have surrounded the world from all sides and people are facilitated in all ways approximately so many inventions and changes are also seen in this field in plan structures, their flying, machinery, parts, and so many things are there.

So here is all the information about this prestigious field one can join this field on the basis of his/her skills.
Hopefully, it will help you for 

  • join paf online registration form 
  • paf online registration 
  • paf civilian jobs online registration 
  • pak air force online registration 
  • join paf online registration form