Monday, 23 October 2017

Join Pak Army Through 141 PMA Long Course 2017

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The Pakistan Army
 always looks for the passionate citizens to Join Pakistan Army As 2nd Lieutenant. Pakistan army has announced 141 PMA Long course for selection and recruitment and this is a good chance for every young citizen to join as the second lieutenant. Passionate boys want to serve army and boys wish to sacrifice their life for the country and this is the opportunity for them to fulfill their dreams.

Friday, 6 October 2017

How to Join PAF 2017 Online Registration for GDP Pilot Course

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For qualified young citizens of Pakistan, we provide here How to Join Pakistan Air Force as Pilot & GD Pilot 2017. It is the dream of many young passionate boys to Join PAF and to become a Pilot & GD Pilot is their dream but the problem which matters alot is this that candidates don't know the exact procedure to join PAF. 

So we are providing proper guideline so read the following instructions carefully about Join PAF 2017 and apply for the post of Pilot and GD Pilot, Commissioned and non-Commissioned Officer and also as Aeronautical Engineering, Civilian and Doctor. 

Pakistan Air Force is one of the best and leading defence force of Pakistan and offers a number of job opportunities for fresh graduate students in several categories. Those who want to Join PAF can apply online by visiting the official website of PAF.  
Now here I am going to discuss the criteria to Join PAF 2017 for Pilot and GD pilot. The field is extremely interesting and most of the students from the beginning of their future have a keen interest in this field. So now I am going to discuss the procedure and overall requirements for joining this field.

Join PAF Criteria For Applying As General Duty Pilot And Pilot: 

To Join PAF as general duty pilots candidates must have professional skills and bravery in order to fly the plane and have relentless determination also. This field requires great skills and amenities. Now I am going to discuss its procedure of selection.

Nationality: Male or female should be Pakistani.

Marital Status: Unmarried/Single.

Age: Age should be 16 to 22 years old.

Height: 163 cm for both male as well as female.

Training: 4 years training at PAF Academy Risalpur leading the award of BS in Aviation Science and Management from Air University Islamabad.

Qualification To Join PAF:

F.SC with 60%marks in aggregate in any one of the following discipline. Pre- engineering, Pre- Medical, Computer Sciences and A LEVEL in physics, math, and English.

Type Of Commission: Permanent Commission.

Selection Procedure to join PAF as GDP:

Intelligence test which is followed by an academic test in certain subjects as Math, Physics, and English.
Preliminary medical examination test which is followed by an interview.
Short listed candidates are selected for ISSB.
Final selection of candidates will be through General Headquarters of PAF.

Ineligibility Criteria:

  • A candidate who is rejected by ISSB or for naval courses is not eligible to apply.
  • Medically unfit candidates are not eligible.
  • Those who have removed from government service are not allowed to apply.
  • Candidates who are screened out by armed/naval and any other institution forces stands ineligible.
  • If a candidate is convicted by law or court as offensive is not able to apply.
  • Candidates who provided or concealed any real information is not eligible to join.

For Online Registration & Guideline to Join PAF: Click Here

So it is the all over information about this filed and one can join this field within a blink of eye because internet online service has made all things easy and all departments publish their adds in newspaper as well as on social media websites in order to aware the people from all the posts that no one misses the golden chance to apply in this or in any other field.

This field is a vast field and offers career opportunities after matric, intermediate and graduation but the candidate must be able to tackle with all issues satisfactory and with full devotion that he/she will not become perplexed in the end because this field requires bravery and ability.

Nowadays professional era is there and modern technologies have surrounded the world from all sides and people are facilitated in all ways approximately so many inventions and changes are also seen in this field in plan structures, their flying, machinery, parts, and so many things are there.

So here is all the information about this prestigious field one can join this field on the basis of his/her skills.
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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Untold Story of Shahdat of Arslan Shaheed

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He was just 22-year-old officer and was commanding a post in Rajgal Valley, which borders with Afghanistan. It came under heavy fire from the Afghanistan side. Arsalan Alam was martyred as a result of this attack.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

11 Reasons to Join Pakistan Army

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Here we are providing best 11 reasons to join Pakistan army.

1- Patriotism

If one is patriotic, serving in Pak Army is perhaps the best choice. Fighting against country’s enemies is definitely a noble cause. Pak Army has a history of proven patriotism. Thousands of army soldiers and officers have sacrificed their lives while defending Pakistan. Several thousands got injured during wars and battles for the country. When these brave warriors are interviewed, they tell that they have no regrets whatsoever.

2- Pride & Honor

Serving in Pak Army is a respectable profession in Pakistan. Every year, Pakistani kids eagerly wait for Pakistan day parade on 23rd March. They are fascinated by the discipline shown by Pak Army troops during the parade. Khaki uniform is quite an attraction to kids and youngsters. Pakistani kids read war stories of brave Pak Army soldiers in their curriculum. The idea to join Pak Army is very appealing to young boys and girls. Educated parents encourage their children to become doctors, engineers, pilots or Pak Army officers. Pakistani girls love to marry Pak Army officers.

3- Strong Sense of Unity

When you join Pak army, you become a true Pakistani rather than a Sindhi, Balochi, Punjabi, Pashtoon or Mohajir. Moreover, you start thinking about being a Muslim rather than a Shia or Sunni. You learn to work as a team under a leader. Unfortunately, some politicians and religious figures have divided the nation into many fractions. Each fraction has its own agenda. However, things are different in Pak Army. All Pak Army soldiers have one agenda which is to defend the nation from its enemies. Pak Army has several divisions too but only for administrative purposes. Chief of Army Staff is the supreme leader of Pak Army. All army divisions are united under his command.

4- Poor Job Market

Our country has always been struggling with its economy. Currently, the unemployment rate is high due to poor economic conditions. Joining Pak Army for a living is definitely a wise decision in view of poor job market. Private sector is not offering many jobs these days. People who get employed in private firm have no job security. Due to these reasons, Government jobs are highly sought after in Pakistan. Having a job security is such a peace of mind. Each years, thousands of individuals apply against jobs advertised by Pak Army.

5- Getting up on Your Feet Early

If your parents can not afford you to study at a private university, it’s a good reason for you to join army. One can join Pak Army as a soldier right after matriculation. You can join army in officer cadre after intermediate education. Once you are selected, you will not have to bother your parents for money. You will be in a position to support your family. Most Pakistanis live under poverty line. A poor boy can become financially independent as a teenager after joining army.

6- Promising Career

Pak Army provides equal opportunities to its members irrespective of their family backgrounds. If you do your job honestly, you will have a promising career. Pak Army does not select its employees based on their family backgrounds. Young men from rich and poor families can join Pak Army. Rich cadets do no receive special treatment nor do the cadets from poor families. Everybody can have a promising career in Army. If you focus on your job with honesty, you future in Pak Army will be very bright.

7- On Job Training

Pak Army provides advanced training to its officers and soldiers in variety of fields. You can avail a number of on job training opportunities to polish your skills. What you learn in your military service will serve you for the rest of your life.

8- Travel Opportunities

Pak Army maintains bases all over Pakistan. Moreover, Pak Army sends its soldiers and officers to foreign missions. An army official has a plenty of opportunities to travel all over the country as well as around the world. If you like visiting new places and meeting new people the you should join Pak Army.

9- Medical Facilities

Medical care in civilian life is getting more and more expensive day by day. As soon as you enter military service, you and your immediate family members become eligible for full health care benefits. Pak Army hospitals provide quality health services not only to armed personnel but also to civilians. Pak Army doctors reach needy people in the events of natural disasters such as floods and earth quacks. Pak Army doctors and nursing staffs are known for their professionalism. Access to quality medical facilities can be a good reason to join Pak Army.

10- Retirement Benefits

You are entitled to pension and medical facilities upon retirement. Also, you may get residential plots in army schemes.

11- Post Retirement Job Opportunities

Military men are known for their punctuality and professionalism. The experienced you get from serving in the army will be beneficial for you even after retirement. Many organizations prefer hiring retired military officials.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

FSc Part II Result Announced

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FSc Result of Boards and Intermediate and Secondary Education   will be Announced on September 12, 20172017. Result will be available here

BISE of Punjab FSc HHSSC Part 2 Result 2017 Online - 

Students of FSc appearing in FSc exams can find this page as a paradise. Checking BISE  FSc Results 2017 online is not a myth. The Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education hold annual examinations of FSc in the month of March-April and the BISE results of HSSC Part 2 are announced on 25th July 2017.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

ISSB Lecturette Topics-Tips and Guide

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In ISSB Lecturette Topics the group of candidates are taken to a lecture room where each of the candidates is given a chance to deliver a short lecture on a specific topic. Every candidate is given a topic and an opportunity to be in front and do the task. It is most important task as it tells more about your personality and leadership qualities.